In the first multicenter trial of its kind, Yale researchers tested a new device that lowers the risk of stroke and cognitive decline in patients undergoing heart-valve replacement … more

Yale-New Haven Hospital announced the first eight-patient, paired kidney transplant exchange in Connecticut. Surgical teams included Drs. David Mulligan, Sanjay Kulkarni, and Peter Schulam of Yale School of Medicine … more

Kidneys from deceased donors that have acute injuries are frequently discarded instead of being used for transplant. However, a Yale-led study finds that such kidneys may be more viable than previously thought … more

The Yale Child Study Center and other departments at Yale have been in the vanguard of helping define and treat autism as well as offering clues to the genetic mechanisms that give rise to it … more

Yale School of Medicine has announced plans to launch its first “blended” education program for aspiring physician associates. Students would study in a combination of online courses and clinical clerkships … more