400 Farmington Ave. R1809
Farmington, CT 06032

Phone: 203-679-4673
Website: https://www.qcd-x.com/

Email: Triantafyllos (Fyl) Tafas PhD, CEO: corporate@qcd-x.com

General Information:

QCDx LLC is an early stage, biotechnology company developing liquid biopsy, quantitative cancer diagnostic products which will deliver actionable, quantitative analysis of cancer cells at the proteomic, transcriptomic and genomic level. The QCDx liquid biopsy, based on a simple blood sample, will provide sensitive cancer diagnosis and offer the oncologist valuable information for optimizing treatment, monitoring therapy and detecting recurrence and/or metastasis. This will enable optimizing therapeutic intervention and reducing unwanted side effects for the patient.

Research Activities

QCDx LLC is developing proprietary methods for detecting and characterizing all nucleated cells in the blood circulation. Each and every nucleated cell from a patient blood sample will be analyzed to detect disease related biomarkers, with an emphasis on cancer cells.

This will identify cellular phenotypes based on the detection of multiple proteomic and genomic targets. Cell analysis can be done from fixed preparations as well as ex vivo.

Analysis of the cell preparation will be done with a novel and proprietary microscopic approach.