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CURE and BioHaven Present Achillion: Transforming Innovation into Novel Therapies to Address Patient Needs

Presenting: Dr. Milind Deshpande Based in New Haven, Connecticut since 2001, Achillion Pharmaceuticals devotes their efforts to small molecule therapies. On behalf of the company, President and CEO Dr. Milind Deshpande discussed the recent particle development victories. Tracing back his journey as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, a good 20 years ago, he mentioned that the only thing known about the complement immune system was that “it existed”. Today, with the advancement in knowledge and science in general, we know about the many pathways involved in this system and the numerous proteins associated with it. Achillion’s remedies largely target [...]

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Bioscience ClubhouseCT Presents: A University-Public Company Joint Venture Success Story

On Tuesday, June 9th, the Founder, CEO, and Executive Chairman of Novogen, Dr. Graham Kelly, spoke on behalf of his company’s success. Novogen is an US-Australian public drug discovery company that has recently teamed with the Yale School of Medicine. Together, they call themselves CanTx. To date, cancer research companies strive to develop chemotherapies that target the body of a tumor. The body consists of rapidly diving daughter cells. These cells are derived from slow-dividing tumor-initiating stem cells, which are resistant to chemo- and radiotherapies. CanTx’s mission goes beyond today’s most efficient chemotherapy techniques and targets the cancer stem cells. [...]

CURE and LEARN: The Bigger Bang Theory: Non-Dilutive Funding as a Way to Get More Dough While Keeping More of the Pie

Dr. Michael Salgaller, Vice President of the Conafay Group, has recently lectured on the importance of non-dilutive funding for beginner companies. Many research-oriented government grants provide companies with the necessary catalyst for a number of operations from clinical trials to commercial activity. Non-dilutive funding from federal agencies is beneficial due its independence of the stock market’s trends. Additionally, no equity is shared so it is a cash reward to the company in exchange for a stated research objective. It is also critical to find such investors so the new company’s original shareholders can preserve more of their ownership. Additionally, these [...]

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Transforming Pharmaceutical Development, Manufacturing and Distribution Through Low Cost Portable, Continuous, Miniature & Modular (PCM&M) Manufacturing Facilities

The CURE BioHaven meeting on 12th May gave voice to an innovative on-site manufacturing method that is designed for multiple products, rapid changeovers and flexible, batch-sized production-on-demand technology. The idea of manufacturing in pods promises to transform pharmaceutical development, manufacturing and distribution in general. It also anticipates overcoming the challenges currently faced by a processing based industry and speaks to the globalization of the pharmaceutical market. PCM&M, the simplified way of saying “Portable, Continuous, Miniature and Modular Manufacturing” seeks to maintain a balance between speed, cost and quality of the manufacturing process. The portable and modular aspects in design and [...]

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One in six people will have a stroke in his/her lifetime. How we plan to save their lives and quality of life – the Vesselon story.

CURE bioscience clubhouse event on 28th April provided a platform to Vesselon Inc. to highlight the significance of pre-hospital treatment for stroke victims. Stroke is a “brain attack” that occurs due to insufficient blood supply to the brain cells and is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In mere “six seconds” death occurs due to stroke, even if one escapes death, disability is inevitable, compromising the victim’s quality of life forever. This overwhelming statistical figure provides Vesselon Inc. with a sense of purpose and their mission is to cure a stroke victim within the golden hour after the [...]

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Vendor Strategies and Vendor, Lab Equipment and CRO Showcase

On April 21, 2015 CURE, SECTen, UCONN TIP and seCTer gathered at the Mystic Marriott in Groton, Connecticut to host ”Vendor Strategies and Vendor, Lab Equipment and CRO Showcase” sponsored by ALT, Dilworth IP and the Mystic Marriot. Over 150 people were in attendance from the Connecticut bioscience community as the night’s moderator, Jayson Bernstein, COO of ALT started off the panel discussion. Before digging into the panel, Jayson made mention of a very important event coming up this summer, the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. To prepare for the world games the Special Olympics Unified Relay will bring the torch across all [...]

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Venture Capital Investing in the Life Sciences

CURE and Yale’s final BioHaven entrepreneurship lecture of the year drew out a large crowd of 150+ attendees and focused on venture capital (VC) investing in healthcare and life sciences. This BioHaven panel was convened to shed light on funding opportunities and investment strategies at different firms, from corporate VC to more traditional groups. Amogh Sivarapatna, a Yale PhD student in biomedical engineering and an Advanced Graduate Leadership Fellow in SOM, opened the event by discussing the challenges of creating and funding startups in healthcare and life sciences.  He commented on how some entrepreneurs are uncertain about starting companies in [...]

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Patients and Big Data in Healthcare: Deriving Value and Accelerating Innovation.

In November, CURE and Yale, in collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim, presented “Patients and Big Data in Healthcare: Deriving Value and Accelerating Innovation.” This panel discussion, moderated by Richard Foster, PhD, Emeritus Director at McKinsey and Co and Lecturer at the Yale School of Management, brought together forward thinking minds from across healthcare industry and academia for a discussion on the challenges, successes, and potential that big data in medicine has to transform the way healthcare is delivered, and financed. “Big data” represents data that exceeds the conventional computing capacity of traditional database systems as a result of volume, velocity, or [...]

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Translating medical technologies from the lab to the clinic: challenges and opportunities

This special October BioHaven brought together thought leaders from both academia and industry to focus on building high quality, scalable businesses in regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is not a new field, but rather a broad, interdisciplinary, translational branch of medicine and tissue engineering that focuses on replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function. Whereas significant progress has been made over the past few decades, the commercial success of the field has been hampered due to complex nature of the products, the significant amount of capital needed and regulatory hurdles. The panelists for [...]

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The Highs and Lows of Temperature-Sensitive Shipping

Here in Atlanta, summer has now given way to early fall, which is bad news for the HVAC industry but a welcome change for Atlantans. This time of year is also welcome to shippers of temperature-sensitive products. A package containing insulin, which must be protected from excessive temperatures, will remain unspoiled longer on a Minneapolis doorstep at 60 degrees Fahrenheit than on a Phoenix doorstep in 105 degrees. Optimizing the design of temperature-sensitive packages can help ensure that package contents will arrive in optimal condition by staying within the designated temperature range through the transportation process. Avoiding spoilage is not, [...]

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