ABCT Annual Pitch Day to take place May 11

The Accelerator for Bioscience in Connecticut will present the 11th Annual Pitch Day Event on May 11, 2023 at Florence Gould Hall in New York City alongside its sister program, WCBA. Interested parties can register for this event HERE.

The 2023 ABCT cohort participants and ventures speaking at this year’s event include:

Alexander Todorovic, Sophia Paleologou, Jonah Stein (UNS Project): UNS platform solves the problem of patient data fragmentation in medical research and enables higher quality data to traditional researchers, AI and life science companies.

Alexey Melnik (Arome Science Inc.): With over 75,000 citations of Arome founders’ research articles we are developing the direct-to-consumer test to improve lives of millions affected by metabolic imbalance diseases.

Ali Kabiri (Cellsbin Inc.): Tumor cells are notorious for disguising themselves. Powered by AI and novel photonics, Cellsbin reliably detects a single tumor cell among billions of healthy ones.