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Improving public health and ensuring the vitality of Connecticut’s life sciences industry.

Connecticut’s innovative life sciences industry develops groundbreaking treatments and cures that improve patient lives and public health. Medical innovation also supports a healthy, vibrant Connecticut economy.

For many years, Connecticut’s leaders have worked hard to foster the growth of the industry; working with biopharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, emerging and small biotech startups and entrepreneurs to make the state a hub for excellence in research and development.

With the recent focus on the critical role the development of new vaccines and therapeutics play in our everyday lives, continued investment in innovation is an imperative.

We must also focus on ensuring that all Connecticut residents have access to the latest medical breakthroughs. It’s imperative that Connecticut leaders continue to promote policies that enable innovation to thrive, while ensuring that patients have fair, affordable and comprehensive health care coverage that supports access to the treatments that are best for their medical conditions.

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Resources & Links from BIO (Biotechnology Innovation Organization)

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