Advocating for policies that work for Connecticut's bioscience industry.

In this fast-moving industry, BioCT keeps policy makers abreast of the latest developments and changing needs of the bioscience community. We have been instrumental in securing state budget allocations for research funding, successfully securing investments in the face of fiercely competing priorities, as well as advocating for policy which favorably impact bioscience innovations, research & development initiatives and economic growth.
(Photos: Government events)
Each year, we host a Bioscience Advocacy Day bringing together state legislators and industry executives to explore the issues most critical to Connecticut’s bioscience community. This event includes presentations and panels as well as the opportunity to meet with key legislators. (I dropped off four video clips from this year’s advocacy day — where do you suggest putting them? Here?)
As the state affiliate to the Biotechnology Industry Organization (“BIO”) in Washington, DC, we also have a voice in the federal policies that are shaping the future. Each year, we lead a Connecticut delegation to participate in the annual BIO Fly- In, a two-day event that brings over 1,000 leaders of the national biotech industry to Washington to meet with legislators.
Government Advocacy at the State Level
BioCT’s advocacy wins at the state level include:
• A $100 million-10-year stem cell research program, the first of its kind
• 6% tax credit for continuing research and development
• 20% tax credit for new research and development
• 65-cents-on-the-dollar refundable R&D tax credit
• Biopharma sales and use tax exemption
• 20 year net operating loss carry-forward period
• Bioscience Innovation Act, a $200 million fund for start-ups and entrepreneurs
• $1.5 billion Next Generation Connecticut legislation for strengthening STEM education
Government Advocacy at the Federal Level
Federal advocacy focuses on the continuing robustness of these agencies:
• Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
• National Institutes of Health (NIH)
• National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS)
• Career Acceleration Network (CAN)
• US Patent Office (USPTO)