4Catalyzer Corporation

530 Old Whitfield Street
Guilford, CT 06437

Phone: 203-458-7100
Website: https://4Catalyzer.com

General Information:

At 4Catalyzer we are transforming 21st century medicine and solving the most challenging problems in life science research, medical devices, clinical diagnostics and therapeutics. We aspire to create significant societal impact and are motivated by the idea that our products will positively impact the lives of people we love.

To accomplish this mission, 4Catalyzer accelerates the development of new sensors and pairs them with the latest advances in deep learning and mobile computing to enable new windows into biology and medicine. We envision, incorporate, finance, support, and mentor a select number of startups allowing the teams to apply new developments in physics, math, and the life sciences, create truly novel technologies, and be the first to bring those technologies to market.

4Catalyzer’s previous startups have decoded the Neanderthal Genome, enabled what the New England Journal described as the “new age of molecular medicine”, sequenced the first personal genome, and developed promising new drugs for breast cancer.

We seek accomplished, passionate, and creative individuals with demigod abilities in imaging, mixed-signal IC design, high-speed electronics, nanophotonics, MEMs, biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology, deep learning, cloud computing, embedded systems, engineering and computer science. Join us and put a dent in the universe!