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General Information:

Ancera is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of Microbial Security products. Ancera’s flagship PIPERTM platform is the fastest microbial quantification and characterization solution across the food, agriculture, and livestock supply chains.

Powered by patented MagDriveTM technology, PIPERTM generates pathogen and microbiome data in hours instead of weeks. The PIPERTM analytics engine aggregates microbial data in an operational context.  This enables verifiable chain of custody and microbial risk assessment at each point in the supply chain.

At Ancera, we build sustainable partnerships with market leaders to create significant impact. We are dedicated to improving lives worldwide through our commitment to biology, technology and people. We accomplish this by first valuing our employees, allowing each to explore and communicate his or her ideas, and to be heard. We believe respect for our employees will naturally expand to respect for our shareholders, our partners, our customers, the community, and the world we are serving.