Angel Investor Forum

222 Pitkin St.
East Hartford, CT 06108

Phone: 860-484-3790

General Information:

The Angel Investor Forum (AIF) is a regional community of investors who use their common business acumen, technological expertise, and personal financial resources to help young companies grow into successful, thriving businesses. We meet every month to screen submissions and hear presentations from prospective startups and growing companies seeking investment. Our members have diverse backgrounds in engineering, software, sales, marketing, scientific research, law, and much more. They provide feedback and perform due diligence to determine the nascent business’ potential for a significant return on investment. Although the Forum functions as a team, the ultimate decision to invest, and how much to invest, is a personal one. This enables AIF to harness its collective networks and wisdom while maintaining individual investor independence. Members often serve as advisers or on the Board of Directors of their portfolio companies and also help local and state agencies support the entrepreneurial ecosystem.