290 Congress Avenue
New Haven, CT 06419

Phone: 203-208-8945


General Information:

Bexorg is a biotech startup working on a perfusion device and blood analog for organ recovery. Operations include but are not limited to (1) manufacturing and assembly of machines, software, and biofluids/proteins, and (2) research services with data as a product.

Research Activities:

Bexorg is developing a perfusion device and blood analog for recovering ischemic organs. R&D is divided into engineering and biological development. Biological R&D focuses on creating a blood analog that emulates the rheological properties of the whole blood and can maintain isolated organs for prolonged periods by modulating ischemic pathways and providing metabolic support. Engineering R&D focuses on developing a novel perfusion device mimicking physiological feedback mechanisms that can autonomously sustain organs. Work includes the development of custom-made circuits, perfusion parts for biocompatibility, and software development.