Body Biolytics LLC

163 Water Street
Stonington, CT. 06378

Phone: 860-535-3885

General Information:

Body Biolytics develops health monitoring software specifically for the wearable tech marketplace. The company is developing new ways to monitor, diagnose, and predict the health of a human body, using biometric data collected from sensors on wearable devices, like Fitbit, etc. Software algorithms under development convert physiological data in various digital health metrics that can help prevent injuries, improve health/wellness, and enhance human performance.

Rather than creating additional devices for the already crowded wearable market, Body Biolytics is targeting leading wearable manufacturers as its primary customers. The startup will license its proprietary digital health algorithms to wearable vendors who need value-added differentiating features for competitive advantage and sustained sales.

The company’s principals jointly have over 80 years of experience in building mission-critical technology for the Department of Defense, including advanced sonar and acoustic signal processing and predictive health monitoring systems deployed on numerous vessels in today’s navy fleet. Body Biolytics is leveraging its decades-long technical experience in modeling and data analytics to pivot into the digital health arena. The company has signed on as a developer with one major wearable company and is initiating a fund-raising campaign to fuel growth.

Research Activities 
Body Biolytics has developed digital hydration biomarkers extracted from optical sensors embedded in a growing number wearable devices on the market, including wristbands and sensorized clothing. The biomarkers provide continuous, non-invasive hydration status monitoring for various consumer, industrial and health care use cases. Photoplethysmography (PPG) is a clinically-approved optical technique that detects blood volume changes in the microvascular bed of tissue. This mature sensing technology is prevalent in hospitals to monitor patient blood oxygen saturation levels. Through advanced optical signal processing derived from military technology, Body Biolytics has developed a prototype set of digital hydration biomarkers that quantify a person’s hydration status based on light absorption through skin tissue. The biomarkers promise to provide continuous, non-invasive monitoring of hydration status from various low-cost, wearable form factors. Other digital health metrics extracted from PPG sensor signals include heart rate, heart rate variability, and respiratory rate.

The company’s development roadmap includes other health metrics for energy expenditure, fatigue, and motion activity recognition as part of a fall prediction model. Falling is a major problem for the growing elderly population, often leading to costly medical issues and death. Going beyond fall detection devices currently on the market, fall prediction can prevent falls.