CaroGen Corporation

295 Washington Avenue
Suite 4N
Hamden, CT 06518

Phone: 203-230-8596

General Information:

CaroGen Corporation is an emerging biopharmaceutical company with an entirely new vaccine platform technology developed at Yale University School of Medicine. The unique feature of this technology is its replication proficient virus-like-vesicles (VLVs). These self-propagating VLVs constitute the most highly innovative and advanced technology to date. A competitive advantage of the technology includes multi-antigen delivery, high level of antigen accumulation in the targeted immune cells; and its simplicity, versatility, and high efficacy of manufacture. The Company’s vaccine technology has broad applications in microbial diseases, allergy, autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders.

Research Activities
We are dedicated to creating recombinant vaccines to address a broad range of infectious and chronic diseases. The company is developing a portfolio of vaccine candidates targeting hepatitis B virus, and potentially hepatitis C and other viral agents.