Ciencia, Inc.

111 Roberts Street
Suite K
East Hartford, CT 06108-3694

Phone: 860-817-0982


General Information:

Ciencia, Inc. uses cutting-edge innovation in optical sciences to solve real-world problems. Since our founding in 1992, we have successfully designed and prototyped a variety of instrumentation for private and government clients, including 50+ SBIR awards. In recent years, we have focused on the related fields of surface plasmon resonance and grating-coupled fluorescent plasmonics. Ciencia instrumentation based on these technologies is in active use at research laboratories throughout the Northeastern United States. The Centinela Platform is our newest instrument and offers an unprecedented combination of assay content, assay price, ease-of-use, and diagnostic accuracy.

Ciencia’s patented Centinela system aims to provide on-site laboratory-quality answers to key clinical questions, ultimately permitting clinical evaluation, laboratory diagnosis, and therapy initiation during the same encounter. In this way, we intend to reduce health disparities, increase medication adherence, and improve patient satisfaction. To date, we have demonstrated high-quality results for Lyme disease testing, COVID-19 variant antibody profiling, and cytokine analysis.

We are actively seeking development and commercialization partners to refine the technology, define additional assays, and bring this innovation to consumers.