Cybrexa Therapeutics

5 Science Park
New Haven, CT 06511

Phone: 860-717-2731

General Information:

Cybrexa Therapeutics is developing an entirely new class of small molecule DNA repair inhibitors that directly target the tumor microenvironment. This approach leverages a novel tumor-localizing peptide technology developed by an internationally recognized research laboratory at Yale. Our approach will change the paradigm of drug delivery, and it will greatly enhance the therapeutic index. It has the potential to redefine the definition of “drug-like,” which will unlock a vast array of molecules for clinical development. Our collection of tumor-localizing DNA repair inhibitors can be combined with numerous chemotherapies and also radiotherapy, allowing the safe delivery of higher drug doses, with enhanced efficacy.

Cybrexa is led by an experienced business team that has built numerous successful biotech ventures, and raised hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital. The scientific co-founders are world-renowned physician-scientists at Yale with extensive expertise in DNA repair, chemo/radiosensitizer development, translational research, and Phase I/II clinical trials in oncology. The co-founders have published their work in numerous high-impact journals, including Science, Nature, Nature Genetics, and Science Translational Medicine.

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes and save lives by developing better cancer therapeutics that specifically target the tumor and its underlying biology.