DNSK International, LLC

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General Information:

Since 2010, DNSK International, LLC. has focused on inventing best-in-class clinical candidates in collaboration with biotechs and universities around the globe.
Major areas of research: Oncology, immunology, virology and stem cells.

Research Activities:

Project identification, assessment and selection, lead generation, optimization of high quality clinical candidates, process development, manufacturing, CMC and marketing.

PI3K Delta Selective Inhibitor: Our most advanced cancer research project is in collaboration with Rhizen Pharmaceuticals: We co-invented and selected a superior quality compound (RP-5264) for clinical development. We designed and developed this compound to be also suitable for once-daily oral dosing and to minimize the liver toxicities and colitis reported with other PI3K delta inhibitors. Our product belongs to a different chemical class with distinct binding mode. We have demonstrated that it is not the PI3K delta target that causes liver toxicity and colitis, but it is the weakness and the undesired structural features associated with the other compounds. In 2012, this compound was licensed to TG Therapeutics and has been in development to treat various forms of lymphomas as a single agent or in combination with other compounds. Details on www.clinicaltrials.com.

On February 5, 2021 this product (UKONIQ, Umbralisib, TGR-1202, PR-5264) received the US FDA accelerated approval for the treatment of relapsed/refractory MZL and FL lymphomas. Product and prescription details are on www.ukoniq.com and www.tgtherapeutics.com.

PI3K delta/gamma dual Selective Inhibitor: Tenalisib (RP-6530) – Best-in-class compound and it is in advanced human clinical trials for the treatment of T-Cell Lymphomas either as a single agent or in combination with other drugs.

More details on www.clinicaltrials.gov and www.rhizen.com.

Other projects: c-Met inhibitors, GPR-119 agonists, Zika