FreeThink Technologies, Inc.

35 Northeast Industrial Road, 2nd Floor
Branford, CT 06405

Phone: 860-237-5800

General Information:

FreeThink Technologies, Inc. is a private R&D company founded in 2011 by Dr. Kenneth Waterman. FreeThink develops innovative technologies focused on accelerated shelf-life and stability determinations for pharmaceuticals, consumer products, nutraceuticals and medical devices. Its flagship technology product is ASAPprime® software, a package that allows customers to rapidly, accurately and confidently determine shelf-life for active substances and many types of products more rapidly and more accurately than previously possible. In addition, FreeThink maintains laboratories in Branford, CT where it conducts non-GMP and GMP laboratory studies for international client companies and develops new pharmaceutical-oriented technologies.

Where appropriate, FreeThink Technologies partners with other companies to advance and commercialize its ideas. While FreeThink Technologies will seek opportunities to patent its technologies, it is also committed to publishing scientific papers and presenting work at conferences and universities.