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General Information:

The human microbiome, the collection of beneficial microbes that live in and on our bodies, plays a key role in maintaining health by regulating our immune system, helping to digest our food, and defending us from pathogens. Recently, disruption in the human microbiome has been demonstrated as the direct cause of diseases like C. difficile, a major global health priority, and is suspected as a causative factor in chronic ailments including allergy, obesity, immune system deregulation, and mental health. Intus Biosciences was founded to be at the leading edge of discovery in understanding how the human microbiome functions across the entire landscape of human health and disease.

The initial product from Intus Biosciences will be the first DNA sequencing assay to rapidly, inexpensively, and precisely identify constituents of the microbiome at the species and potentially subspecies level from complex samples, such as fecal material. There is an immediate, large unmet need in the human health research community for the assay, as the combination of speed, ease of use, and Next-Generation Sequencing throughput will allow researchers to profile up to 96 microbiomes at once at high resolution.