Mitotherapeutix LLC

Cell & Genome Sciences Building
400 Farmington Avenue, CB#123
Farmington, CT 06032

Phone: 203-240-9566

General Information:

Mitotherapeutix is a biopharmaceutical company with a mission to develop products for treatment of diseases that can be targeted by modifying or influencing metabolic pathways in the cell. Every cellular process is driven by energy and that energy is produced by the cells metabolic machinery, principally the mitochondria. When the metabolic process breaks down, there are dire consequences for the cells. In certain diseases like cancer the therapeutic goal is to interfere with or disrupt the metabolic process either to directly kill tumor cells or sensitize them so they can be killed by appropriate agents. In other metabolic related disorders the goal is to correct the metabolic defect to resolve the problem. In metabolic disorders typically seen in the liver, increasing metabolism seems to correct the underlying problem and this is the primary target and treatment solution Mitotherapeutix is pursuing.

We have identified two preclinical drug candidates, one for cancer and the other for liver diseases. We have assembled a strong management group for the Board and a strong group of scientists for the SAB. We have acquired a laboratory in Farmington, CT. at the UCONN incubator to complement research activities in Vermont, Spain and Colorado.

Research Activities 
Mitotherapeutix aims to develop novel therapeutics based on new discoveries in the control of cellular metabolism particularly in key mitochondria regulators. One of the targets that Mitotherapeutix is currently pursuing is MCJ, a key regulator of mitochondria respiration. Mitotherapeutix is actively working to develop agonists for this molecule to overcome chemo-resistance in breast cancer and many other cancers that demonstrate a poor response to chemotherapy.

In parallel, Mitotherapeutix has developed antagonists of MCJ to accelerate mitochondrial metabolism as a strategy to target liver diseases such NAFLD, NASH and cirrhosis. Both cancer chemo-resistance and liver diseases represent enormous unmet medical needs that desperately need solutions and we believe we can provide them. Recent studies in mouse models have provided promising results that support the move forward with at least two products to the preclinical stage of development for these diseases.