Nalas Engineering

85 Westbrook Road
Centerbrook, CT 06409

Phone: 860-581-8477

General Information:

Nalas Engineering offers chemistry and chemical engineering expertise enabling the development and transition of safe, sustainable, robust and lowest-cost chemical processes. Implementation of innovative technologies can result in significant annual cost savings for our customers. We evaluate existing or new processes and provide recommendations tailored for implementation with the equipment and capabilities of your facility. We provide engineering services through all aspects of process development, enabling value-added solutions that scale to meet our customers’ needs.

Research Activities
Chemical Synthesis, Engineering, and Process Analytical Technology – From Development to Manufacturing
Particle Characterization – Including Crystals, Particles, and Droplets
Reaction Analysis – Including Progression, Kinetics, and Mechanism Elucidiation
Modeling and Simulation – Proud Users of VisiMix and DynoChem