OrthoMedex LLC

49 Farm View Rd.
Bethany CT 06524

Phone: 203-393-1387
Website: https://orthomedex.com/

General Information:

OrthoMedex LLC is committed to the commercialization of proprietary orthopedic implants that leverage the antimicrobial and osteostimulative attributes of bioactive glass, in order to address the unmet infection control and implant fixation needs of the orthopedic surgeon.

Bioactive glass technology combined with OrthoMedex intellectual property has application within all orthopedic market segments: reconstruction and revision, spine, trauma/fracture fixation and orthobiologics , as well as the dental implant market. OrthoMedex intends to focus on the $6.1B [+6.4% YoY] trauma/fracture fixation and $4.6B [+2.9% YoY] orthobiologics markets. Because of the capital investment required to successfully compete in the remaining orthopedic market segments, OrthoMedex is willing to entertain Business Development/partnering opportunities.

OrthoMedex intellectual property provides for the seeding of bioactive glass particles within the interstices of porous implant coatings and allograft tissue
[e.g. cancellous bone] to osteostimulate de novo bone matrix deposition, as well as affording the implant antimicrobial prophylaxis.

The OrthoMedex management team is a compilation of biomedical and biomaterial engineers who have successfully developed and commercialized antimicrobial medical devices and orthopedic implants, including orthobiologic materials. Several such products have employed bioactive glass for its antimicrobial or osteostimulative clinical/patient benefit.

Research Activities
Specific trauma and orthobiologic research and product development thrust areas can best be gleaned from the OrthoMedex LLC Business Plan that can be provided upon request.