panluminate, Inc.

290 Congress Avenue
New Haven, CT 06519

Phone: (617) 460-9145


General Information:

panluminate was formed in early 2021 and is based in New Haven, CT. The company was co-founded by Biomedical Engineering graduate student Ons M’Saad and Professor of Cell Biology Joerg Bewersdorf (both at Yale). It is supported by an Advisory Board, including two senior business executives with experience in imaging sales, accounting, and private equity.

panluminate’s business will be built around its core technology: pan-Expansion Microscopy (patent pending). This process uses a set of proprietary reagents to create 3-D cellular images comparable in quality and detail to correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM), the current research gold standard. Our initial product offering will enable researchers to readily prepare samples for ultrastructural analysis using their current local light microscopes. We have identified and reached agreement for beta testing and additional product development inputs with 30 academic researchers in the fields of cell biology and neuroscience, to begin as soon as funding permits.