PhoenixSongs Biologicals, Inc.

33 Business Park Drive, Unit 1A
Branford, CT 06405

Phone: 203-433-4320 / Toll Free: 866-702-0260
Fax: 203-208-0664


General Information:

PhoenixSongs is a global life science company dedicated to developing and providing novel stem cell-derived model systems for research and drug discovery. Our stem cell sources include stem cells isolated from human tissues such as liver, brain, biliary tree and umbilical cords as well as iPS and ES cells.  Our model systems include the cells and lineage stage-specific media validated in the application it was designed for such as growth, differentiation and maintenance of the cell types.  In addition to our stem cell models we have a media production program offering custom media production services as a contract service.  We have a strong IP portfolio, a unique combination of academic expertise, and a long history of product development in drug discovery tools.

Research Activities:

Our research involves developing new in vitro stem cell-derived models and custom media formulations.  We develop novel methods to expand and differentiate stem cells into cell types used in research and drug discovery.