Planta Analytica

461 Danbury Rd. Ste. 10
New Milford, Ct 06776


General Information:

The company was established in 2002 by Jan Glinski, Ph.D., with an intention to provide an expertise in various aspects of natural products research; whether in isolation/purification of impurities and components of mixtures or in purification/extraction method development. Besides contract research we also conduct our own research, often in collaboration with academic groups. We present many of our achievements at scientific conferences as well as through publications in peer-reviewed journals. We have grown to currently employ four scientists and plan to add a few more soon.

We may classify our activities into four categories:

In botanical/dietary supplement category we collaborate with key contributors in the fields of functional foods and dietary supplements. In particular, we have developed the undisputed highest level of expertise in the purification of procyanidins – perhaps the most important class of natural dietary antioxidants present in fruits, cocoa, cranberries or cinnamon.  We produce over 100 different reference standards isolated from botanical and herbs, and sell them either directly or through large catalog companies. We also deliver primary reference standards with supporting analytical data for the United States Pharmacopea. Our expertise allows us to become exclusive producers of some of the most-difficult to purify substances.

In agrochemical category we work with some of the largest agrochemical companies world-wide. We assist them with registration packages for botanical, microbial or synthetic crop-protection products (e.g. abamectins, emamectins, azadirachtins, pyrethrins) by providing isolated and structurally characterized impurities as well as semi-synthetic metabolic degradation products. Our contributions to registration packages were in the past accepted by European Environmental Commission “with no comments”.

In our own research we either rely on our own resources or collaborate with academic groups. We conduct research on discovery and development projects focused on novel botanical origin drug leads in various therapeutic areas. We often either publish or patent discovered intellectual property.

To a lesser degree we contribute with experimentation related to cosmetic industry. For example, Development of new botanical products for cosmetic uses with desired properties (e.g. anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial).

In summary: We have decades-long experience with botanical and microbial metabolites (academic and industrial) and a track record of scientific articles, patents, and documented customer satisfaction. We have developed state of the art methods for preparative purification of up to 100 gram quantity. We perfected conventional and non-conventional chromatographic materials to develop proprietary processes. We specialize in the isolation of chemical compounds notoriously difficult to purify by conventional methods, because of stability problems or complexity of native mixtures. To solve prohibitively difficult isolations, we often apply centrifugal partition chromatography, which we mastered into a formidably powerful technique

Research Activities
Research involving botanical subjects: herbs with biological activity; dietary supplements, reference standards. Isolation of high purity substances from complex matrices, isolation of impurities needed for fulfilling regulatory requirements (pharmaceutical, agrochemical) and developing extraction schemes for obtaining drug-like leads.