Planta Analytica

461 Danbury Rd. Ste. 10
New Milford, Ct 06776

Phone: 860-799-5356


General Information:

Planta Analytica is a CRO offering services that support multiple sectors of the chemical industry, including agrochemical, functional foods/flavors, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals. The business is broken down into three core areas.

1) Novel compound isolation and elucidation services supporting the discovery of novel active molecules. This includes structure guided, as well as activity guided targeting of molecules for isolation.

2) Isolation of high purity primary reference standards and high purity isolates to support analytical and biological testing. Materials can be produced at scales ranging from milligrams to multiple kilograms.

3) Method development of analytical and commercial methods and compound synthesis to support the production and quality control of products.

These capabilities are underpinned by a twenty-year history in the industry. Our services have supported startups with their early-stage discovery, as well as Fortune 500s with developing commercial scale manufacturing techniques.

Research Activities:

Planta Analytica was developed as a discovery platform for novel small molecules from botanical and natural sources. In addition to providing these services outward to the industry, we are still exploring the expanse of secondary plant metabolites for structures that can serve as novel drugs or agrochemical products.