Saghmos Therapeutics

15 East Putnam Avenue, #430
Greenwich, CT 06830

Phone: 914-522-3885
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General Information:

Saghmos Therapeutics is a privately held pharmaceutical company whose mission is to develop innovative therapies for life-threatening cardiovascular and renal diseases with unmet medical needs. Saghmos’ product, ST-62516 (trimetazidine), is poised to enter a Phase 3 study to reduce the risk of Major Adverse Cardiac and Kidney Events (MACKE) after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedures in patients with unstable angina.

Cardiac and kidney complications after PCI represent an area of significant unmet medical need. There are no approved pharmacological agents to prevent or treat MACKE. Trimetazidine has been approved outside the US for several decades for the treatment of stable angina and ischemic heart failure. In addition, many studies show it reduces kidney injury in patients undergoing PCI. With one million PCI procedures annually in the US, there is a multi-billion dollar opportunity for ST-62516.

Saghmos is seeking funding for the Phase 3 MACKE study, as well as partnering opportunities for ST-62516.