Sound Affects

299 Greens Farms Road
Westport, CT 06880

Phone: 202-251-2672

General Information:

Sound Affects is a forward-thinking nonprofit organization focused on revolutionizing the fight against cancer.

Our Mission is to educate the public on the process of transitioning from cancer research to effective clinical solutions; to generate awareness about the “Valley of Death” as a key bottleneck issue that diminish the ability for innovative, cancer fighting technologies to materialize; and to support the necessary funding effort to bring these life-saving products to market.

Research Activities
Our Approach is to empower the cancer product development community through our crowdfunding platform that encourages donations and knowledge-sharing to help bring evidenced-based treatment solutions to market.

By offering an alternative investment channel, companies developing early-stage cancer technologies now have the option to move beyond private sector dollars to facilitate our ability to bring nuanced treatment methodologies to market.