TCG GreenChem, Inc.

701 Charles Ewing Boulevard
Ewing, NJ 08628

Phone: 860-417-7645


General Information:

TCG GreenChem, Inc. was conceptualized by Dr. Chris H. Senanayake (Founder and CEO & CSO), Dr. Joseph D. Armstrong, III (COO), and many other pharmaceutical high-profile individuals with a track record in the development of hundreds of New Chemical Entities (NCEs) into the clinic and commercialization of several well-known pharmaceutical products for Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Sepracor, Inc., Merck & Co, Inc., and Johnson & Johnson. The senior leadership brings the experience, technological expertise and know-how, which is required to manufacture architecturally complex intermediates and APIs by utilizing state of the art synthetic organic chemistry and cutting-edge technology platforms such as catalysis and continuous flow chemistry.

TCG GreenChem, Inc. is positioned as a contract innovation company that provides CDMO services with a unique modus operandi in the space of supporting pharmaceutical R&D. Moreover, through strategic collaborations with a select group of technology and manufacturing companies in United States, Asia, and Europe, TCG GreenChem, Inc. offers the cGMP manufacturing reliability in United States and India which is needed to meet today’s regulatory and supply-chain challenges.