The Yale Engage Cancer Series kicks off on 10/21

Yale Engage, in conjunction with the Yale Cancer Center, presents the Yale Engage Cancer Series, an interactive webinar series, promoting impactful collaboration between academic experts and industry executives. Sessions will feature corporate speakers with a panel of renowned Yale physicians and scientists addressing critical challenges.

With real-time dialogue and strategic introductions, the series will pinpoint issues and research goals to advance shared, scalable solutions. In the fight against cancer, Yale Cancer Center is at the forefront of understanding the fundamental mechanisms of cancer biology and in developing effective cancer treatment therapies.

October 21: Immuno-Oncology
Discussion will highlight current and ongoing collaborative science at Yale, including basic Immunobiology and discovery through tools that identify mechanisms of action. Registration, click here.

Nov 5: Novel Therapeutics & Delivery Systems
Discussion will highlight the ability to create and leverage interdisciplinary teams to advance science in drug discovery and development and delivery systems. Registration, click here.

Dec 9: Defining Mechanisms & Biomarkers of Sensitivity & Resistance To Anti-Cancer Treatments
Discussion will highlight mechanisms of resistance to clinical applications, developing and applying biomarkers, and drug sensitivity, as well as addressing major challenges, such as: identifying new targets for specific tumors; dissecting the complexity of drug resistance; reviewing systemic influences on tumors; and pinpointing next gen biomarkers. Registration, click here.