Looking to take your microbiome research to the next level of resolution? The Shoreline Complete StrainID is the first DNA sequencing assay to comprehensively, rapidly, and inexpensively identify all members of the microbiome down to the strain level.  Mark Driscoll, Ph.D., Shoreline’s co-founder and chief science officer, will walk you through the simple workflow of this novel assay.

The human microbiome plays a key role in maintaining health: it regulates our immune system, helps us digest food, and defends us against pathogens.

Tracking microbial populations in both healthy and diseased microbiomes is important to the advancement of our understanding of infectious disease, as well as chronic ailments like allergies, obesity, immune system dysregulation, and mental health. Today’s microbiome assays, however, are costly, time consuming, and difficult to perform. Furthermore, they often provide low-resolution, nonspecific identification of the organisms present in a microbiome.

Who should attend:

  • Clinicians looking to understand the link between the microbiome and health or disease.
  • Researchers looking to leverage strain level information to confidently identify key microbes and their relation to health and disease.
  • Industry scientists looking to have more confidence in the strains present in their microbiome consortium therapeutics and the impact therapeutics have on the microbiome community in patients.
  • Service labs and microbiome centers in need of providing higher taxonomic resolution faster, easier, and more cost-effectively for customers looking for an alternative to shotgun metagenomics.
  • Anyone who would like to take their microbiome research to the next level of resolution.
  • Investigators who want a straightforward, rapid way to add microbiome projects to their research.

For questions, contact hello@shorelinebiome.com